Master Key Experience – Week 9

Our Guide, Nancy is wonderful and our Tribe on Marco Polo is such a blessing.  We help each other.  Having them there through a few past difficult weeks has been a blessing.  I think of them each day and look forward to our Zoom meetings!

Greeting each day with love, shapes and colours all around of smart goals with daily meditation, reading, listening to recordings of my voice reading… somehow fitting it all in.  AND…Manifesting!  Yes!  It’s working and it’s FUN!  My concentration lately, has been mostly about getting my home ready for a visit from my son.  I am slowly getting around to decorating my house for an early Christmas family gathering while my son is here with us.  I kept telling myself that I needed to call someone to decorate our front porch…I never found the time, however I believed it would happen and could picture them decorated and felt gratitude in my heart.  Then, miraculously – I opened my front door the other morning and Voila!  There on my top step were my two urns – all decorated with pine boughs, ribbons, Christmas balls and lights!  🙂






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