Master Key Experience-Week 10

My heart has been filled with immense joy one minute and then torn to shreds with such sad, heartbreaking news the next… that I feel numb most days these past few weeks.

Thankfully, I can read and feel uplifted at least some of the time.  That’s all I can give right now.

Somehow, wonderful things are manifesting for me such as my three children being here together for an early Christmas dinner.  That was HUGE for our family!  AND  I believe many more manifestations will appear.  The shapes and colours all over my home are making this happen, no doubt.

This is just a kink in the road of Life… and I don’t really like to share these emotions but I realize there are a few people in our Tribe going through the same thing.  So I share for us and believe we will all come through this, eyes wide open going forward with new amazing friends, strong in our beliefs and more even love in our hearts.  I will make a commitment right now to focus a little more each day on our Master Key Experience with gratitude and love for all of you.



5 thoughts on “Master Key Experience-Week 10

  1. Jackie, I am just reading your week 10 post, and really want to say how much I appreciate you sharing here in a REAL WAY. Bringing Power Joy and Health into our lives in the Fullest way does not ever mean, denying our Humanity- or moments of Grief or Loss. If there is never real Grief, there was Never the Fullest of Love and Hope There Either. I think the challenge is to not close up due to Grief or Loss… to Know that that is Never the End of a “Story” or our Life. True Grief is about Staying Fully Alive and Open… to a NEW BIRTH which always follows in some way. And we want a Heart that is Fully There for all of the next Fullest of “Love” and Life that is Around the Corner. Thank You For This Post!

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