Master Key Experience: Week 13

The Master Key, Part 13 – #24.

We have found that everything we get comes to us by the Law of Attraction. A happy thought cannot exist in an unhappy consciousness; therefore the consciousness must change, and, as the consciousness changes, all conditions necessary to meet the changed consciousness must gradually change, in order to meet the requirements of the new situation.

Writing out 50 Flash cards with achievements I have made in my life was very powerful! It is uplifting to bring forth happy, rewarding and cherished memories.  Not only does it feel great, it became habit forming to keep the flow of happiness going, which then attracts more of those great feelings.  It all works together and is causing massive excitement for the upcoming weeks!




3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience: Week 13

  1. We’ve all done so many wonderful things, but tend to focus on the marks not hit. This is a great exercise to refocus on the positive.


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