About Jackie Jones

Life is great while I learn and strive to be a better person each day.
My main joy is in being a happy wife, mom and “nanna”.
Being a business owner dealing with antiques as well as a professional network marketer in the health and wellness arena, I enjoy meeting new friends and learning ways to help each other grow, get healthier and absolutely to prosper!

I am proud to be the author of 5 children’s books – a legacy for my grandchildren.
G-Bugs, The Gratitude Bugs stories have each received THE QUALITY OF LIFE OMNIMEDIA BEST OF THE YEAR AWARD – BOOK CATEGORY!
(I copied the award information – not actually screaming 😉
G-Bugs books have been shared with children all over the world.
The idea came to me one night…
Teaching children to love & appreciate themselves and others is a mission I still believe in.
We are all special and unique just the way we are.

I enjoy long walks, warm, sunny days, reading, music and relaxing in our swim spa.
Retirement is something I am looking forward to also as I am loving life so much!