Master Key Experience – Week 15

The Master Key – Part 15/35 

Insight is a product of the world within and is developed in the Silence, by concentration.

I find the above statement intriguing.  I am working on it in my 15 minute sit each day.  As I focus on my Franklin Makeover- Week 1, I am working on a virtue I need to most improve on which is discipline.  I believe this will tie in nicely with developing Insight as I discipline myself to stay on track with the MK Lessons.

Halfway there and very excited as I dig in, get caught up and share this amazing journey with you.



Master Key Experience: Week 14

With the holidays and all that wonderful, crazy running around mixed with precious family time…somehow I have managed to enjoy my 15 minute sit (meditation) most days and really get into Harmony.  With that in mind everything did work out harmoniously!  Imagine that!

My favourite part of MKMME this week has been doing up 3 daily cards of things to be grateful for and mix them in with all of my achievement cards.  Gratitude is my favourite thing and is a powerful tool to bring more things to your life to be grateful for. Just like Happiness…when you think of things to be grateful for – there can be nothing negative running around in your mind.

My heart overflows with GRATITUDE for everyone who is a part of this Master Key Experience!


Master Key Experience: Week 13

The Master Key, Part 13 – #24.

We have found that everything we get comes to us by the Law of Attraction. A happy thought cannot exist in an unhappy consciousness; therefore the consciousness must change, and, as the consciousness changes, all conditions necessary to meet the changed consciousness must gradually change, in order to meet the requirements of the new situation.

Writing out 50 Flash cards with achievements I have made in my life was very powerful! It is uplifting to bring forth happy, rewarding and cherished memories.  Not only does it feel great, it became habit forming to keep the flow of happiness going, which then attracts more of those great feelings.  It all works together and is causing massive excitement for the upcoming weeks!



Master Key Experience: Week 12

Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.

As I contemplate this profound statement, I realize that most everything I have manifested in the past came as a result of this action .  It is easy for me to do and satisfying beyond measure, especially after doing the 15 minute sit.

One requirement this week was to read aloud our one sentence DMP (or movie trailer version) for 50 minutes ENTHUSIASTICALLY in front of a mirror!

It’s all coming together and I love that LOVE is prominent in my life…feeling love from others and loving myself more.


Master Key Experience – Week 11

Persistence played a HUGE roll for me in WEEK 11.  I find it amazing that each week the lessons connect and are pushing me through all the barriers in my way.

There was no pressure other than that I put on myself and I stayed the course by taking one step at a time, one day at a time… coping as best I could with emotions of all kinds.  Although I am behind in some areas, I forgive myself and carry on with what I am able to accomplish.

Again, I am grateful for our awesome Guide, Nancy and all of our amazing Tribe members.

Thank you MKMME.  🙂



Master Key Experience-Week 10

My heart has been filled with immense joy one minute and then torn to shreds with such sad, heartbreaking news the next… that I feel numb most days these past few weeks.

Thankfully, I can read and feel uplifted at least some of the time.  That’s all I can give right now.

Somehow, wonderful things are manifesting for me such as my three children being here together for an early Christmas dinner.  That was HUGE for our family!  AND  I believe many more manifestations will appear.  The shapes and colours all over my home are making this happen, no doubt.

This is just a kink in the road of Life… and I don’t really like to share these emotions but I realize there are a few people in our Tribe going through the same thing.  So I share for us and believe we will all come through this, eyes wide open going forward with new amazing friends, strong in our beliefs and more even love in our hearts.  I will make a commitment right now to focus a little more each day on our Master Key Experience with gratitude and love for all of you.


Master Key Experience – Week 9

Our Guide, Nancy is wonderful and our Tribe on Marco Polo is such a blessing.  We help each other.  Having them there through a few past difficult weeks has been a blessing.  I think of them each day and look forward to our Zoom meetings!

Greeting each day with love, shapes and colours all around of smart goals with daily meditation, reading, listening to recordings of my voice reading… somehow fitting it all in.  AND…Manifesting!  Yes!  It’s working and it’s FUN!  My concentration lately, has been mostly about getting my home ready for a visit from my son.  I am slowly getting around to decorating my house for an early Christmas family gathering while my son is here with us.  I kept telling myself that I needed to call someone to decorate our front porch…I never found the time, however I believed it would happen and could picture them decorated and felt gratitude in my heart.  Then, miraculously – I opened my front door the other morning and Voila!  There on my top step were my two urns – all decorated with pine boughs, ribbons, Christmas balls and lights!  🙂