Master Key Experience – Week 8

The experience of manifesting is very exciting and wonderful.  Whether you are  thinking of a certain thing which appears unexpectedly or focusing on a certain person, the telephone rings or you receive a text from that person…I wish everyone to experience the fun and wonder of it all.

In my experience, these things happen more often when I have extreme feelings of love and gratitude.

I greet each day with love in my heart!  Thanks Og 😉




Master Key Experience – Week 7

Although I am behind in my blogs I plan to catch up very soon.  Life can get in the way of good intentions but I will not let that deter me.

Week 7 – I LOVE the 7 Day Mental Diet!  Although I have attempted it a few times, I  will conquer eventually but SO looking forward to the peace of it all…

It has been fun recording my own voice reading DMP, Affirmations, PPN’s etc.  Finding the perfect music for my background will top it all off nicely.  I am working on that as well.

I love my dream board and have copies of it on my phone, mirrors, computer screen, refrigerator and in my wallet.

I am finding that I have a very specific, loving, comforting vibration when I am reading Og, or in my 15 minute sit and also when I read the Master Key Lesson of the week.  I feel like my inner being is hearing me and with me and that all I am working on is about to come to fruition!  This whole experience is very exciting!

This next week I intend to make more effort in the Alliance section and connect more as well as getting on board with Twitter etc.


Master Key Experience-Week 6

Vision boards are so much FUN!  I have copies everywhere as well as copies of shapes all different colours everywhere in my house and vehicle.

It’s exciting to wonder “what” will come next!  I can hardly sleep some nights as I use so much ENTHUSIASM in my reading.

Marco Polo is a fantastic tool for getting to know other Tribe members.  We all connect very well and I get a sense of earnest caring to see each other manifest our desires.

Jackie J.


Master Key Experience – Week 5

My deep burning desire to help kids learn to love themselves, consumed me.  After about three months of constantly asking the Universe to show me a way to make it happen – and believing a way would be shown to me – there it was!  It all came in a dream!             A bright green Neon sign appeared that read “Gratitude Bugs”.   It was just after one in the morning in February 2007…















Master Key Experience, Week 4

As I go over my earlier DMP attempts I can’t help but feel energized about my future!  It feels incredible to see how it all evolves when I put in the effort.  I remember thinking that it seemed impossible for every little detail and all my desires to fit into 400 words!  I realize now that my wishes WILL all come true because they are a part of my determined desires.

I used to meditate regularly and somehow just got out of practice.  It feels calming and mysterious to me now as I make the time and somehow everything I need just shows up!

I appreciate the amazing Fab D and Mark J, all the Guides and everyone’s messages of support and look forward to more great feelings of “I did it!

Master Key Experience ROCKS!

Have a fascinating week everyone!

Jackie J.

Master Key Experience, Week 3

Today it is a cold, dull  rainy day, so it’s a good day to ponder and imagine!  The palm trees gently blowing and the warm sandy beaches are easy to visualize on a day like this. I am still working on my DMP…as it is the most prized possession of the whole course!

Wow!  The training videos are awesome and there is a huge network of amazing people for support.   However, this is something I am going to tap in to at my own pace because I have a fear of saying the wrong thing – which is one thing I have discovered about myself.  It’s amazing what you learn about YOU as you go along on this life changing journey.

Does anyone else have a fear of “saying the wrong thing”?  Is it hard for some people to reach out to others to share, ask questions and make comments?

So, I promise myself to reach out this week and work on conquering this challenge of being uncomfortable approaching others in our Network.  🙂  With this terrific bunch I believe it will be effortless.

Have a wonderful, magical week everyone!








Master Key Experience, Week 2

As I read more, write more, sit more often and decide what it is I truly want…I somehow feel relaxed in the knowing that what it is I am searching for WILL come to me when it is supposed to!  Patience is key here.

The Master Key Experience is truly life changing already.  I am manifesting time to do more for ME to grow as a person, to explore my thoughts more deeply and to relax in times when I normally would be frazzled with all I have on my plate.

As I work on my Definiteness of Purpose or DMP , I can feel the excitement and look forward to the finished product.

Better still, I am excited to manifest ALL of my desires.

Wishing everyone the sweetest of dreams!