Press Release


INTERVIEWED BY Oprah Winfrey:  at The Famous Nobu Hotel, Toronto, Canada,   August 15, 2020

(setting is in Jackie’s fabulous hotel suite office area, donned with two fluffy white comfy couches, a round glass and pewter table between them and a silver toned serving tray with a crystal pitcher filled with fresh fruit and water.  Oprah is wearing a bright red short sleeved dress with black and red heels.  Jackie is wearing her favourite black dress with a red, black and white scarf and silver and bling earrings.)

Oprah:  Well Jackie this IS exciting!  As you know, I LOVE Books!  First, I want to thank you for gifting me a signed copy of your Famous “G-Bugs, The Gratitude Bugs” Children’s  Books.  After winning the Prestigious Newbery Medal, did you see yourself launching a children’s T.V. series – never mind on Disney?

Jackie:  Oprah, I must be honest with you and say yes!  I have always imagined this interview.  I have imagined the Gratitude Bugs Books, the wonderful Awards AND the T.V. series!

Oprah:  You must have had tremendous belief in your idea and in yourself.  I was still in broadcasting when you came out with your first book, “Sam Meets Caterpillar Kaleb.”  Will you share with us what it is that drives you and helps create your passion?

Jackie:  You said exactly what is is Oprah!  The answer is BELIEF!  I always believed I would find a way to help children of all ages learn to love themselves for who they are, and to celebrate the differences that make each child unique.

Oprah:  How does Gratitude fit into all of this?

Jackie:  Not everyone realizes that that one of life’s greatest blessings is the feeling of gratitude.  To feel gratitude is a choice that generates much happiness and good feelings, allowing many more good things to come into your life.  The Gratitude Bugs remind us and teach children what a wonderful gift that is.

Oprah:  Gratitude is right at the TOP of my list as well.  Tell me, what has the feeling of gratitude done for you Jackie?

Jackie:  Feeling the feelings of Gratitude has definitely changed my life.  I have always been a thankful, caring person.  When I began to really focus on Gratitude, I felt better.  I had more self esteem, I was happier and I was thankful for feeling better which lead to being grateful for other things.  The more I was focusing on gratitude for other blessings in my life, I realized that more and more good things were coming into my life to be grateful for!   The KEY for me was when I started being thankful for things I wanted – as if they were already in my life!  Lo and Behold they DID begin appearing in my life!  That is why my sitting here with you Oprah is ReallyReally happening!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Oprah:  What you just said resonates with me to the core, big-time. I got it. I’m trying not to cry.

Jackie:   (wiping a tear from her eye) I make myself cry because I have such strong feelings and I try from the bottom of my heart to help people, especially children, realize the power of feeling Gratitude.

Oprah:  Wow, Jackie. That was the most powerful Belief system I have ever heard of!  You’re off and running girl.  The whole world is EXCITED about your upcoming Kids T.V. Series!  And so am I.  You certainly have my blessings and Gratitude!

(Oprah and Jackie rise from their seats with smiles and tears of joy …then hug each other)